Newsletter #001 (March 2017)

Why this newsletter?

You are receiving this newsletter because you are a SuproNet client.
In the past, we sent e-mail to clients “as and when necessary” and did not do it in an automated or regular basis.
With the expansion of our client base and the need for a more efficient way to communicate, we have decided to use a mass e-mailing system. This e-mail was sent using this system.
The system enables us to, in addition to sending mail to all our clients, send mail to selected groups of clients. That means that we can send mail to only those clients for whom the information is relevant, for example, only to clients making use of our hosting services.
As required by good e-mail etiquette and to protect privacy, other clients will not be able to see your name or e-mail address in their e-mail.
The newsletter to clients will not be sent on a regular basis (weekly or monthly) but as considered necessary.
It will contain the following:

  • Notices about aspects related to service delivery, such as when maintenance is done to our servers and December closure.
  • Advice about general problems that clients may experience and questions you may have.
  • Information about the services we provide and any special offers.
  • Information and advice about using the Internet, e-mail, social media, Internet security, etc.
  • News about SuproNet.

The mass e-mailing service that we use, requires that each e-mail sent out contains an unsubscribe link. You may of course exercise your right to unsubscribe. However, we urge you not to do so because it will mean that you might not receive important information regarding your service.
We undertake not to overload you with mail and invite you to:

  • Let us know when the mail annoys you.
  • Make proposals regarding subjects you would like to know more about.

Some clients have more than one agreement with us. We will send general e-mail to you only once. Notices related to specific services (e.g. hosting), will be sent to each owner and you may therefore receive more than one e-mail with the same message but related to different agreements with us.

SuproNet Health

During the last year or so, SuproNet has acquired a few clients in the medical market (doctors, dentists, etc.). We have decided to launch an initiative to market specifically to this market segment and thus SuproNet Health was established.
Please have a look at the website and “like” SuproNet Health’s Facebook Page.

Get a year’s free hosting!
Refer a doctor, dentist or somebody else with a medical practice to us and receive a year of free hosting if your referral contracts us to develop a website for them. To also make it attractive for the medical practice, we offer two years free hosting for a limited number of medical practices contracting with us for web development. Terms and conditions apply.
Limited number of packages! Tell us about a potential medical client now!


As before, we offer telephonic and e-mail support to our clients who experience problems with the services we offer.

Our website's Support Page contains information about common problems and how you might be able to solve it yourself. It currently contains information about:

  • Setting up e-mail.
  • Use of POP or IMAP for e-mail.
  • Use of webmail.
  • Use of disk space and exceeding disk quota (hosting).

We will also post notices about problems, planned disruptions of service (e.g. for maintenance), and other subjects concerning service delivery and support on our Facebook Page. It is accessible to all Facebook users as well as those without Facebook accounts.
For Facebook users: Please “follow” our Facebook Page to ensure that our notices appear on your news feed.


Spam & Fraud

We are all being overwhelmed by spam and attempts to defraud us. Many of the spam and fraud attempts are quite easy to spot but some are well designed and can deceive you.
We, as well as at least one of our clients, recently received such convincing attempts. The message attempts to make you think that your registration with search engines is about to expire and needs to be renewed – naturally at a fee. If you do not read the message carefully, you could think that it is your domain registration that is about to expire and requires renewal. Remember the following:

  • One does not “register” with good search engines such as Google and Bing. You can inform them of the address of your new website so that they know about it sooner but (1) this does not have to be renewed and (2) it is free.
  • If we handle your domain registration, it will automatically be renewed every year, unless you let us know that you want to terminate the registration. You should therefore not receive notices from us (or the domain registrars we use) about the need to renew your domain registration. For domains – such as .com domains – you might receive a notice from the domain registrar to confirm registration details. They need to confirm ownership and contact details on a regular basis (usually annually) and you usually do not have to do anything if the details are still correct.

If you have doubts about the validity of such e-mails, send it to us to review.


We are happy to welcome Antonette as Marketer in the SuproNet team. If you know about anybody who requires help with a website, graphic design, or online marketing, please let her know at


Please let us know what you think about the newsletter and feel free to make suggestions for future subjects.
The best feedback and/or suggestion will win a SuproNet cap.

Greetings until next time!

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