Newsletter #002 (May 2017)

Thank you for reading this second SuproNet newsletter. We trust that you will find the content useful and would like to receive your feedback. Please see below.
Thank you for the good feedback we had on our first newsletter. We are committed to providing relevant information in our newsletters that will add value to our clients and their businesses.
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SuproNet News

SuproNet Blog
There is a lot of information that we can share with clients and others but that does not fit in with the structure of our website and is too long for a newsletter.
We have therefore started a blog!
Naturally it now only contains a few articles but we will expand it to be a valuable source of information for our clients and others.
In our newsletters and Facebook posts we will also refer to the blog for additional information.
Visit the blog regularly for new information.

Archive of Newsletters
We now also make our newsletters available through our website. This means that the news and information in the newsletters are also available to non-clients. At the same time it is easy to access the information in any previous newsletter. View now.
Non-clients can also subscribe to the newsletter.

SuproNet Services

A website is a good starting and focal point for a business’s online presence and marketing. However, people will not stream to your website just because it exists, even if SuproNet built you a wonderful website. There are various ways to increase traffic to your website and SuproNet can advise you in this regard and assist you with implementation. In this newsletter we highlight just one method, namely Google AdWords. In a future newsletter we will discuss Facebook advertisements, another important method.
Google AdWords:
 With Google AdWords you pay to have your advertisement (which looks like a search result) displayed when somebody uses search terms that you selected as useful to bring people to your website. You only pay when somebody clicks on the link to your website.
AdWords provides methods to select the target market, as well as monitoring and reporting facilities allowing one to review the performance of the campaign.

Read more about Adwords. 
As mentioned above, AdWords is not the only available channel to market your website and products/services.
SuproNet can advise you on using AdWords and other channels and set up and manage campaigns on your behalf.
Contact us if you have questions or to discuss your requirements.


Get R500 discount on your next hosting fee!
Refer somebody who needs a website to us. If they appoint us to develop a website for them, you will receive a R500 discount on your next invoice for your hosting with us.

To make it easier for you, the new clients that are referred by you, will receive free hosting for their first two years.
The offer is limited, so act now! Let us know about a possible client.
Terms and conditions apply.

Did you know?

In this section we will provide information about subjects that we think might be of interest to our clients. Naturally, the emphasis will be on subjects related to the Internet, the web, corporate identity, online marketing, and technology. Please let us know of topics you would like to know more about or of anything interesting you discovered.
Components and Layout of Modern Websites
The structure, layout, appearance, and composition of websites have changed considerably in the almost two decades SuproNet has been involved with the development of websites. These changes are the result of various factors such as fashion, usage patterns, and technology. These factors will continue to have an impact on what could be considered to be a “modern” website. However, let us look at the components of a typical contemporary website.
The typical modern website is built on a platform such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, or other CMS (content management system) and designed to display well and function on different devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. Both CMS and the increasing use of smartphones to access websites have had a huge impact on the appearance and the typical components of current websites.
Read further for a description of the components and terminology used nowadays to assemble and describe a website. 

Warnings, Tips and Advice

The “Microsoft Support” Scam
The “Microsoft Support’ telephonic scam has been going for a long time but we have noticed that there are some people who are not yet aware of it.
It starts with somebody phoning you, pretending to be from “Microsoft Support’ or a “Microsoft Partner”, and offering to help with the problem on your PC. They try to get (1) payment for the “service” and (2) access to your computer.
They cannot achieve anything without your cooperation, so do not listen to them and just end the call.
For more information about this scam, read our blog. Refer your colleagues and friends to this blog article to prevent them from becoming victims of the scam.

Client Profile

We would like to include short profiles of our clients in future newsletters. The aim is to give our clients greater market exposure and give a brief background about the development of their website, logo, or any aspect of their online presence and marketing.
Do you want to market your organization in this way and give us the opportunity to brag with what we have done? Let us know and we will agree with you about what will be published.
One of the first volunteers could also win a SuproNet cap.


In our previous newsletter we asked for feedback on the newsletter and offered a SuproNet cap for the best feedback and/or suggestion.
Thank you very much for everybody who gave feedback. The winner of the cap is Johan Steyn of JOPOP Developments. Congratulations to Johan and thank you for your feedback and enthusiasm for the newsletter.
We would like more feedback and/or suggestions.

Another SuproNet cap is on the line.
Let us know what you think by simply replying to this e-mail.

Greetings until next time!

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