While a website could be the focal point of your online marketing, it should be supported by other on- and offline channels and media such as social media, e-mail, video, electronic brochures and other documents, and print media. SuproNet provides design, development, management, monitoring, measurement, analysis, and reporting services to support your marketing activities.


Marketing should be done using a combination of channels and media appropriate to your business. One of the challenges of marketing is measuring the success. There is an old saying that only half of marketing spend is effective but that we do not know which half it is.

With online marketing, it is easier to measure the effect of marketing activities than it is with offline marketing. It is also easier to measure the effect of offline marketing on your online results. However, to do so with any degree of accuracy and usefulness requires careful planning, good execution, careful measuring, intelligent analysis and considered responses. It also requires good co-operation between off- and online marketing and off- and online measurement of results. Results (output) should ultimately be measured in terms of business success (e.g. profitability) and not in terms of views, visitors and other intermediate parameters.

SuproNet can help you with:

  • Deciding on which (especially online) marketing channels to use.
  • Planning of marketing campaigns across channels.
  • Managing of marketing campaigns across channels.
  • Designing measurement and analysis systems to monitor and analyse results.
  • Link marketing activities with measureable online and physical results.
  • Compare costs and benefits of various channels and activities to spend your marketing budget optimally.

On a more basic level SuproNet can do the following to help you:

  • Create graphics and set up your online channels to reflect your corporate identity and strengthen your marketing message.
  • Integrate other online channels with your website through icons, links and live feeds.
  • Create templates for posts so that your content has a consistent, professional appearance.
  • Monitor (measure) use, analyse results, report to and advise you.
  • Monitor (measure) the effect of online and other marketing effects on your website and other online presence, analyse these results, report to and advise you.
  • Manage online channels by regular posting of content, monitoring and reviewing comments and activity and notifying you when action is required.
  • Create e-mail signatures consistent with your corporate image and marketing message.
  • Create presentation templates and material (e.g. for PowerPoint).
  • Design digital and print items that form part of your communication and marketing activities such as business cards, letterheads, brochures, advertising flyers, Invitations and notices, forms, reports, advertising boards, banners, CD/DVD labels, screen savers, computer wallpaper, calendars, slide shows and videos.

Online marketing channels that SuproNet can assist with include the following:

  • Social media such as:
    • Facebook
    • Google+
    • YouTube
    • Twitter
  • Online shops such as Shopify.
  • E-mail, including setting up and managing mass e-mail platforms and mailing lists.

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