Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

Developing a new brand identity often starts with the logo. SuproNet designs distinctive logo’s reflecting the organisation’s identity and expands this to business cards, letterheads, e-mail signatures, presentation material, websites, brochures, forms, reports and other media that reflect the organisation.


The development of a brand identity often starts with the design of a logo. As a company’s logo is the foundation a brand identity is built on, it is imperative that the logo is designed to reflect the business but also effective with everyday’s practical use. SuproNet excels at designing modern and simple yet effective logos.

A corporate identity goes much further than just a logo. The nature of the business and its approach to business, its clients and its environment should be reflected in its communication with all stakeholders. SuproNet will help you to design the following:

  • Letterhead: Logo, corporate style and selected information for printed letterheads or templates for digital documents in popular formats such as Microsoft Word.Business cards
  • Business Cards
  • E-mail signatures: E-mail is the dominant medium of communication in business today and a professional signature for your business will enhance your brand.
  • Website: develop your website according to your corporate identity and the message and functions you require or provide the graphical and stylistic elements for in-house or 3rd arty development of your website.
  • Profile Graphics: Graphics to be used wherever you have an online presence such as in social media (Facebook, Google+, etc.), discussion forums (e.g. avatars), and online shops.
  • Cover pages: Cover pages for reports and other corporate documents.
  • Forms: Logo and corporate style for printed and digital forms.
  • Advertising material: Inclusion of logo and other corporate graphics and style on printed and digital advertising material such as banners, sign boards, invitations, pamphlets, printed media advertisements, and corporate gifts.

To help you ensure that the logo and other elements of corporate identity is used correctly and consistently, SuproNet can develop a manual or guidelines for the use of the logo and other elements of identity.

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