SuproNet Prime

A website package that gets you going quickly and does not break the bank.

Website Essentials

A fully functional website with all the essential elements.


Start with the essentials, expand as needs and budget grow.


You provide the content, we build it. No DIY required.


Built to work on smartphone, tablet, and PC/laptop.


Built on industry standard platform that can be hosted almost anywhere.


We build and support the website. You’re not on your own as with self-build platforms.


We can get the website up and running quickly.


Very affordable but with all the essentials. Allows expansion later.


Built and supported by SuproNet. We have been designing and building websites since 1997 and doing it for clients since 2001.

You get:


Single page WordPress website, including:

  • Your logo
  • Banner
  • Four content sections
    • Introduction
    • About Us
    • Products/Services
    • Contact Us (with contact form and map)
  • Quotes/Promotional text


You select your own domain name*

  • Domain registration (one domainname)
  • Annual renewal of registration, subject to renewal of agreement

* Registration of the selected domain is subject to availability and eligibility.


One e-mailbox with address

You will receive a link to step-by-step instructions on how to set up your e-mail client.


Web hosting with 300MB of disk space for your website and e-mail.

Support and Maintenance

One hour* of website support (changes, updates) per 12 months term.
Regular updates to the web platform software (WordPress, theme, plug-ins)

* If changes requiring more than 1 hour are needed, we will provide a quote.

You pay:

Once-off Fee

R3 500
(VAT included)

Annual Fee

R1 630
(VAT included)

Get it in 4 easy steps:



You fill in a form to provide all the information we need to build and host your website.

Download the form, fill it in, and e-mail it to us.



We review the information provided by you.

If we have all the information required, we will send you an invoice.



If you are happy with the invoice and want to go ahead, you make the payment.



Once we have received your payment, we register your domain, set up your e-mailbox, build and publish your website.

See a live demo of the website

Your website will look like this, but with your logo, banner image, messages, colour, and content.

Get started! Download the form!

Download and complete the form. If you cannot fill it in electronically, your reader does not have the functionality. Please then use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

This is an electronic pdf form. It is made available in downloadable form so you can fill it in at your own time, save intermediate versions, and keep a record of what you sent us.

Full Description

You can view a live demo of the website here. Please see full description of the service package and optional extras below.

SuproNet Prime: Included

SuproNet Prime includes the following services, components, benefits, and advantages:

  • One page WordPress website, including:
    • Your logo.
    • Banner.
    • Four content sections:
      • Introduction.
      • About Us.
      • Products/Services.
      • Contact Us (with contact form and map).
    • Quotes/Promotional text.
  • Domain registration, annual renewal (1 x
  • E-mailbox (with address @yourdomain).
  • Hosting.
  • Annual maintenance of website (1 hour) and webplatform.
  • Benefits and Advantages:
    • Built and supported by SuproNet, a web design and development company since 2001.
    • Contains the essence of a website required by most organisations at a very low price.
    • Built on WordPress, with all the benefits:
      • It can be hosted almost anywhere.
      • It can be transferred from one hosting environment to another. You are not locked in like with most do-it-yourself online platforms.
      • Expandable. The platform allows easy expansion – just add more content, pages, and functionality. There is a host of ‘plug-ins’ available for WordPress that provide a huge range of functionality, including things like eCommerce (online selling).
      • Responsive. WordPress supports PC/laptops, tablets, and smartphone displays.
      • WordPress is the most popular platform for websites. This means that there is an abundance of online resources available and many web developers who can provide support.
    • Simple yet professional.
    • Built and supported by a person and company that can provide assistance and support. You can change and expand the website later by talking to a real person who can give advise ad answer questions.
    • Saves time. There is no need for meetings or discussion to get the website up and running.
    • Structured. We provide you with a form that guides you to provide all the information required.
    • Quick. We can get the website up and running quickly.
    • Customised map. The website contains a map showing your location with a custonised pin, using your corporate colours.
    • Contact form protected against spam.
    • You select/provide your own:
      • Logo.
      • Banner photograph/graphic.
      • Primary colour.
      • Content – including ‘tag lines’ and ‘quotes’.
    • Facebook link. If you have a Facebook Page for the organistion, the website will contain a link to it.
    • Paid-for theme/builder included. The website is built using a professional, paid-for theme. It is not restrictive, allowing you to easily expand the website later, if required.
    • Registered with Google and Bing. The service includes registering the newly built website with Google and Bing.
    • E-mail: Step-by-step instructions on setting up your e-mail client to access your new e-mailbox at your own domain.

SuproNet Prime: Additional

Although SuproNet can provide the services and components listed below are not included in the SuproNet Prime offer. If any of these are required, we can provide a quote.

  • Setting up of more than one e-mailbox.
  • Assistance with setting up your e-mail client(s) on your device(s). We provide online step-by-step instructions for doing so but not telephone, e-mail, remote, or site support on e-mail set-up. If you can not get it working by following the instructions, please consult an IT support service (or one of your technology-gifted relatives).
  • Proofreading and/or editing of content. Please proofread and edit before you provide the content to us.
  • Searching for and/or purchasing of photographs or other graphics.
  • Creation of graphics.
  • Editing of your logo. Please provide it ready for use.
  • Requesting logo from your logo designer.
  • Changes to the structure, layout, or design of the website other that the elements specifically indicated for you to select.

If you need any of the above services, please indicate so on the form (last item to complete: “Instructions/Comments/Questions”) and we will review it and provide a quote for the additional services.